Tristar Inc. Reviews the Most Impactful Inventions of All Time

Every invention should be intended to serve a purpose or solve a problem for consumers or users like those developed by Tristar Products. But some inventions take it a step further and are so influential that they change the course of history.

The creators of these types of inventions are some of the greatest minds our world has ever seen, and that’s why in April there’s a whole month dedicated to inventors. Tristar Products wants to celebrate National Inventor’s Month, and to do so, Tristar Inc. reviews some of the most impactful inventions of all time.

Printing Press

Prior to the internet, nothing spread news and knowledge more than the printing press invented by Johannes Gutenberg. Gutenberg created the machine in 1140 in Mainz, Germany, and improved the design of other presses by allowing for rapid production. The availability of books and overall knowledge skyrocketed from there and helped spark the Age of Enlightenment.


Nowadays magnetic compasses are pretty obsolete because of GPS systems, but their early impact on exploration and travel was unmatched. The Chinese originally developed compasses in the 14th century, and it instantly provided explorers with a better way to navigate the world’s oceans.


Stone, bronze and iron were all early materials that were used to build infrastructure, but the invention of steel is what really drove the Industrial Revolution that led to the modern cities we see today. There is evidence of steel tools that dates back more than 4,000 years, but it was not massed produced until the Bessemer Process was invented. This technique, which was popular in the 1850s, uses molten pig iron to create steel.

Steam Engine

If it weren’t for the invention of the steam engine, cars, trains, airplanes, and other forms of transportation might not have been possible. The first use of a steam engine dates back to 1698 when Thomas Savery invented a steam-powered water pump. By the 1700s, steam engines had been perfected by James Watt and they were used to power most technological advances during the Industrial Revolution.

Light Bulb

Every time the power goes out in our house, we’re reminded just how much we take electricity for granted. Artificial light has become very important to our society and it was pioneered in the early 19th century by Humphry Davy, who saw his carbon arc lamp evolve over the years thanks to fellow inventors like Warren de la Rue, Joseph Wilson Swan, and Thomas Alva Edison.

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