Turn to Tri Star Products Review for Proof that Air Fryers are Perfect for Holiday Recipes

tri star products review

We’re headed straight for the holiday season and all the trimmings and trappings that come with it. This means Halloween party snacks, full-blown Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas get-together spreads that are bound to delight all who attend. The essential instrument for these meals and more is a cooking appliance that is as versatile as it is effective. Those who’ve read a Tri Star Products review about the “Emeril Everyday” line of countertop appliances will know that this collection can help the at-home cook. Since we’re still more than a month away from the first of the fall/winter holiday parties, now’s the time to learn about the air fryers that celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse has helped Tristar Products develop.

The advantages of an air fryer over the standard deep-fryer are most apparent when you look at the calorie counts of your favorite “fried” foods. Hundreds of calories are eliminated because little to no oil is required for cooking, which means the end of grease dripping from French fries you’ve prepared at home. This is an often-cited perk in any Tri Star Products review but as Lagasse says, “It’s so much more than an air fryer.” Using the Power AirFryer 360 that’s part of his line of products allows you to make mouth-water finger foods for that fast-approaching Halloween party. The air-frying capabilities also lend themselves to dehydrating fruits – which are perfect as cocktail garnishes. All you need to do is take two oranges, slice them into ¼-inch thick slices, insert the crisper tray and pizza rack into the air fryer then set the appliance to “dehydrate” until the oranges are done.

If larger dishes are the goal, then there are no better holidays than Halloween and Christmas to test out new recipes. Those who have read any recent Tri Star Products review will want to see if a combination pressure cooker/air fryer is right for them. Consider the fact that owners can roast, slow-cook, pressurize and air fry in the same appliance and the health (as well as time-saving) benefits should become apparent. This unique take on cooking leaves you with main course meats that will be kept juicy due to the lid infusing moisture and flavor. This is what you want if you plan on preparing a Thanksgiving turkey or ham-based dish for Christmas and want to really “wow” your guests.

Celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse has worked to develop two innovative appliances that can help calorie-conscious at-home chefs prepare the meals they’ve always wanted. Start experimenting with those recipes now and have a go-to dish ready once those party invitations start coming in!

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