Tristar Products Review the Creation of the Black Diamond Collection

By now, you know that Tristar Products review anything that could be deemed useful, interesting, or trending at the time. And in honor of National Black Diamond Month this January, the latest Tristar Products review is about the history behind the creation of the Black Diamond Collection by Carole Shoshana.

National Black Diamond Month was submitted for national calendar designation by Carole Shoshana, the founder of The Bungalow, which is a “private studio where those-in-the-know go to get styled.” The Registrar at National Day Calendar officially declared the annual distinction in November 2015.

It’s no coincidence that National Black Diamond Month coincides with the New Year. That’s because during a time when most people are focused on what they can improve or do better the Black Diamond Collection of jewelry is there to remind them to live in the present. The Black Diamond Collection is intended to help us incorporate meditation, peace, and style into our daily lives.

The virtues of this jewelry collection stem from its founder Carole Shoshana, who trained with a Grand Master of Feng Shui in Hong Kong for 16 years before starting The Bungalow. She then became a Grand Master of Feng Shui herself upon her mentor’s death.

Carole’s Black Diamond Collection is inspired by her spiritual journey and the sacred images of nature that are depicted in the philosophy of Shan Shui art. Shan Shui art evokes peace, patience, and harmony, and Carole set out to design a line of jewelry that would capture the beauty she found on her journey to the Far East.

The diamonds in the Black Diamond Collection represent reflecting stones that Carole saw in the mountains of Hong Kong as she learned lessons from the Grand Master. Each part of her collection is meant to be symbolic to its wearer and provide emotional support.

“My jewelry was inspired and designed to evoke and maintain those same meditative qualities in whomever wears it, to follow them throughout their day and to remind them of their dreams and desires,” Carole says. “Like all of my designs, every piece in my Black Diamond Collection works like a life compass, keeping the wearer on course toward personal happiness.”

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